Tricia Stackle is an artist/designer, living and working in Skagit Valley, in Bow, WA. Inspired by simple, geometric shapes, color, tactile materials and the human body, she is both an artist and educator committed to rethinking the way people live with and relate to art and design. Whether making furniture, soft sculpture, home textiles, or fine art, quality craftswomanship is at the forefront of her ethos of making.

Tricia Stackle earned her MFA in Fiber at Cranbrook Academy of Art in 2010. Her work has been featured in many publications such as 500 Felt Objects, DAMDI: Mobile Architecture and Content magazine to name a few.

I like systems. They calm me.

I like minimalism. It delights me.

I like color. It energizes me.

I like stitching. It grounds me.

I like wool. It comforts me.

I like quality. It reassures me.

I like making things. It makes me feel useful.